Dr. Willem Mostert

Managing Director

Willem (D.SOC.SC.) is an entrepreneur and management consultant who redesigned many businesses in South Africa and some African countries.

Willem has mastered the skill of starting new enterprises and developing them to fruition in a short period of time.

His vision is to impact the agricultural economy of the Western and Eastern Cape by means of truffle farming.

George Mostert

Technical Director

George (BA) can proudly claim for a fact that he was the first person to ever brew a Truffle Beer in South Africa (2011). After meeting Volker from Woodford Truffles, he asked George to brew a batch for their Christmas dinner in December 2013. But neither of them had any fresh truffles at the time but Volker provided him with a frozen truffle to try (which had already lost most of its aroma and taste due to being frozen for many months). He told Volker it was highly unlikely that it will work, as fresh ones are definitely needed. Unfortuntately in the end it was not feasible/possible to brew his truffle beer for them due to this exact reason. George was also the one who identified the opportunity to cultivate truffles in South Africa and specialises in the technical aspects of truffle production. 

Lucas Dladla

Nursery Manager

Lucas is an experienced nursery manager with 10 years experience in managing nurseries.

Technical Consultants

MICOLOGIA FORESTAL & APLICADA (Spain) is a biotechnology company that researches, develops and markets technologies and products for the cultivation of truffles.

Since 1989 MICOLOGIA FORESTAL & APLICADA specialises in forest mycorrhization. They work as a Research Center and develop new technologies, which allows them to offer the latest techniques in biotechnology for the production of infected plants with edible mycorrhizal fungi. Micología Forestal & Aplicada provides comprehensive solutions for truffle farming and the cultivation and management of edible truffles.

Their Directors wrote the Truffle Guide for the Andalucía Government and published the most comprehensive manual on truffle production in 2015, called Truffle Farming Today.

They were the leading players in the establishment of truffle farming around the world. They see South Africa as a potential world producer of Tuber melanosporum Truffles.